Throwing a Book Picnic


This Book Picnic is on my list of indoor activities that you can do
on a rainy day or a snowy day. It is even a great activity to do if your
child doesn’t take naps anymore (I’m not ready for my girls to give that
up yet lol) This is a nice calming activity that you can set up for them.

What are the benefits of a book picnic?
It makes a really good reading foundation! It is super important to
instill the love of reading in our children at a young age. If they love to
read at home then they will love to read at school too! Book Picnics
show children that books are fun! This setup is inviting and is a new way
for them to explore some books.

So you might be thinking that your child would never sit on this
cozy blanket and read books. But, here are some ways that might help
your child to start!

- Choose a cozy blanket to sit on
- Set up Interactive books. For example, find it books, poke-a-dot
books, and flap books are great. You can always set up a flashlight
with any book too!
- Set up their favorite stuffed animals next to each book (Reading
with a stuffy always makes it more fun)
- *Optional- Add a picnic basket or some small toys that you would
take on a picnic.
- You may want to sit on the blanket and read with them the first
few times. Show them that you enjoy book picnics too!

Don’t forget to check out my blog on indoor activities for more ideas!

Happy Reading!

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