Fun Football Learning Activities

Football season is here! 

Here are some fun activities you can do all season long!

Make a football Jersey! 

Draw a t-shirt on large white paper and decorate it! We use this white paper roll from Melissa and Doug. Work on fine motor skills by adding stickers. You can work on letter and number recognition while adding your name and special number on your Jersey. 


F is for FOOTBALL! 

Write the letter F on a piece of paper and talk about what sound it makes. Use loose parts to put on the letter to practice letter formation.

 Letter Dot

Draw a football. Write the letters in your child's name in a random order and add some letters that aren't in their name. Have your child dot the letters that are only in their name to practice letter recognition.


 Pre-Writing worksheet (FREE PRINTABLE!)

Grab this freebie here and work on pre-writing skills. Trace the lines to score a field goal! You can use a dry erase marker, your finger, a figurine, or a q-tip with paint. This worksheet helps develop letter formation.

Football 10 Frame 

Draw a 10 frame and roll the dice. Add the football print outs to the 10 frame to show the number you rolled. 


Hope you enjoy these activities! Follow @endlessimagination_camille on instagram for more fun learning activities! 

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