Winter Literacy Kit


Unlock the Magical World of Reading for Your Child!

- Who is this made for?This literacy kit is appropriate for children in preschool and kindergarten. It is suitable for children that are learning their letters and letter sounds. These activities and strategies are quick, effective, and engaging. The games are made to reuse to help your child gain mastery and build confidence. 

Are you ready to set your child on a path to literacy success? Look no further than our specially crafted Literacy Kit, designed by a reading specialist, a former teacher, and a mom of two. This kit is based on the Science of Reading and it's your child's key to establishing a strong foundation in reading that will last a lifetime!

 What's Inside:
- Based on the Science of Reading: Our Literacy kit is crafted with a deep understanding of how children learn to read, ensuring your child receives the best possible literacy education. 

- Hands-On, Fun Activities: We know that learning should be engaging and enjoyable! Our kit includes a variety of interactive activities and strategies based on the Science of Reading that make learning to read a delightful adventure. It includes fun multi-sensory activities that are engaging! 

- Building Blocks of Literacy: Dive into activities that focus on beginning, middle, and end sounds, rhyming, letter recognition, and letter formation. These essential skills are the stepping stones to becoming a confident reader.

Why Choose Our Literacy Kit:
With a strong literacy foundation, your child will unlock a world of possibilities. Reading is the key to knowledge, imagination, and possibilities. Invest in your child's future with our Literacy Kit and watch them blossom into a skilled reader with boundless potential.

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