Letter Mats


These printable letter mats (letters A-Z) were created for hands-on learning by a Reading Specialist! This resources gives children the opportunity to explore the letters in a visual and tactile way! 

It includes a list of many different fun and engaging ideas on how to use these letter mats. (For example, you can use playdough, Pom Pom balls, and MUCH MORE to form each letter!) 

Each letter page comes with the capital and lower case letter with directions on how to write the letters. It includes a space for the child to practice tracing and writing the letters. Each page includes a picture of an object that has the same sound as the letter sound. (The letter X has a picture of a foX because Xylophone does not say the /X/ sound!) Using pictures is a strategy that helps children remember the letter sounds. 

These mats are meant to be used over and over again! (Print it only once and use it many different ways!) Place the mats in a sheet protecter and put it in a binder or laminate them. Use a dry erase marker and wipe it clean after each use.  

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